Samsara: Chapter 6 – Phoebe’s Memories

Chapter 6

Photo by Marney Photography


Phoebe looks forward to her ballet class. She looks forward to learning new shapes and lines when she’s in class, and she becomes amazed at herself whenever she picks up new movements. Before getting to ballet class, she looks forward to seeing her Mom pick her up from school. She gets anxious when her Mom is late (a very rare occurrence), and she can’t help but smile broadly when she sees the familiar black SUV drive up the pick-up and drop off sidewalk. She looks forward to asking her Mom about her day, and curious to see any exciting things her Mom might have experienced that day. Then, it would be her Mom’s turn to ask her about her day. Phoebe would go on about every detail of her 10-year old life.

Phoebe knows that she is not like all the other girls in her class. Phoebe is not like her best friends who are learning for the first time about the world around them. Phoebe has been well aware of her purpose in her life, and she welcomes it this time around wholeheartedly. She tries to keep control of what she knows and what she says, but oftentimes a child’s mouth and brain do not work in collaboration with each other. Her mouth cannot keep shut when her brain is thinking out loud. There were moments when her Dad and her Mom would ask her what she’s talking about, and Phoebe would realize that she was talking out loud.

When she was two years old, her parents were fascinated that she was able to speak quite clearly compared to the other two year olds. She was able to put sentences together as in “I would like an apple, please.” Whereas, normal two years old would yell “gapple!” And, if they were taught properly, they might be able to say “pwease.” But not Phoebe.

Her Mom once overheard her talking to herself about keeping her memories. Phoebe was thinking out loud, “did I keep all my memories? I know I must have, and I must remember them all. But did I or didn’t I? I must have.” When Amelie asked her daughter what she was talking about, Phoebe simply replied to her mother, “memories are important, Mama. You should know that.”

A mother’s reaction is often foretelling of how she will look at her daughter and the situation, but Amelie was always welcoming of the eclectic side of children. Amelie would often respond to her daughter, “my darling, memories are very important. I would ask that you keep some of mine for when I forget, ok?”

Phoebe would smile at her mother and say “Of course, Mama. You asked me to do that before the here, remember?”

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