Samsara: Chapter 13 – The Meeting (excerpt)

Cassandra from the Greek Mythology Helen of Troy.


Chapter 13: The Meeting

           She made the cognizant decision that in the time they will re-enter that she will call herself “Phoebe.” This was her plan—no matter what the circumstances may bring, and no matter what she decides her mission will be.

Phoebe sat in the massive balcony overlooking the city. On this side, there are no wars, no sickness, no sadness, and no anger—none of the concerns that plague the other side where many souls return to learn and to understand the meaning of their existence. The balcony is open to the air, and in the center is a round table made of the finest dark wood from the cherry trees that slowly started to age and falter. They do not harvest such beauty in their prime, the trees gives themselves up to be used for practical reasons. In this case, the cherry tree that contributed its body now serves to listen to the planning of the lives that will begin its journey on the other side. Phoebe wondered with such awe of the many beautiful things the table must have heard, and what it will listen to now.

There was much haste needed for the decisions to be made in the next life. Isabella, as she was known in her last life has returned to this side and released by the elders to pursuit the next life. Phoebe heard that her entry back into this side was filled with deep wounds causing a painful and mental anguish with her soul. Isabella had sent messages pleading for an urgent meeting, and indicated that her reasons for such urgency were valid. They all loved her. She is a soul like no other. If there was a place that all humans poor their sufferings, sadness, pain, anguish, and anxieties—Isabella is a never-ending pool to catch such sorrow.

Unfortunately, there are moments when such a pool must also close itself to the world for she can only carry so much and influence the course of history for so long—that she too, begins to desire to learn more about such existence.

There were many of them who have relied on Isabella to learn and to keep learning all there is to know about life. Some have said that she will one day become an elder.

“Phoebe, is that what we plan to call you?” Phoebe looked up to see Mene walking towards her. Phoebe had known him from his first life, and continued to call him that name regardless of the many lives he’s lived after.

“Yes, that is the plan. You received a message from Isabella?” Phoebe asked.

“No, but I was told that she needed several of us,” Mene answered.

“And, you are planning on returning?” she asked.

“Yes, the last life was brief. I feel I can do more with the next. I watched Isabella suffer in the last, and I’d like to offer my help. I’ve pondered a bit while resting, and I feel I am ready,” Mene said.

“And, in what role were you thinking of being a part of her plan?”

“Wherever, however, she needs me, Phoebe,” Mene looked over the balcony and in his mind, it was a truth that his being held onto. Phoebe looked at Mene with curiosity. There have been whispers she’s heard of him, and his desire for knowledge of divine love—whispers that he was told he could never reach such enlightenment, but was determined to do so. She only trusted him because he had been faithful to Isabella.

“Alright, then. We shall see what our role will be in this journey,” Phoebe responded. Mene nodded and took his seat at the table.

Just then the doors opened and many more beings entered. There were about twenty or so of them that will become part of a thread weaving through the lives that they are about to embark.

Isabella walked in. Her red hair braided at the crown and cascading down her back. There were only a few lives where she kept her red hair, and those were the lives where her great influence affected the course of history. But with such influence comes the suffering, the anguish, the pain, and Phoebe watched the toll that it took on Isabella soon afterwards. Phoebe had learned that when Isabella chose to return with her red hair it signified who Isabella will be in the next life, and the force that will impact the course of humanity and its history.

Phoebe walked towards her dear friend, “Ma cherie, this is too soon. You must rest,” Phoebe whispered in her ear.

“I must rest. I will, but not on this side,” Isabella whispered in return.

Phoebe looked over her shoulder to see if any others were coming. In particular, one being.

“Where is he? Are we expecting him?” Phoebe asked Isabella.

“No,” Isabella looked into Phoebe’s eyes with sadness, and a determination that Phoebe had never seen before.

“My dearest friend, you cannot return without him. You must not. This is breaking the rule of our divine laws.”

“I have pleaded for permission from the elders just this once to be allowed re-entry without him.”

“But, why? You have never done this before. You are both connected by a bond like no other! He moves and you move with him. You move, and he does the same. You are re-entering without divine love. This is a cataclysmic decision.”

Cassandra, I must,” Isabella called her friend by the name of the very first life they had shared. Isabella only refers to Phoebe by her first name when there had been the utmost need—it was their code that spanned through many lives, and often used to be re-awakened on the other side. “I fear that I have taken on too much on all those lives with him, and such things have taken a toll on my being. I feel that in order for me to survive, I must rest without him,” Isabella said.

Cassandra nodded, “he returned before you. Where is he now?” she asked.

“He is held in contemplation. He had been ordered to remain there by the elders. They are helping him with the transition,” Isabella answered.

“What happened to the plans in the last life?” Cassandra asked. Isabella shook her head refusing to answer.

“I want to thank you, my dearest, for sacrificing your short life in the last,” she answered.

“It was the least I could do for you. It was the one way to test the waters—to come back. I feel that I am ready to fully help you now,” Cassandra answered, “although, I have one request.”

“Anything,” Isabella said.

“Since you have been given permission to return without him, I feel that I must become partially your guide. I want to go back as an awakened with memories intact. I will find a way to allow for them to slowly ease their way into my mind. This is the only way that I feel that I could help you rest,” Cassandra looked at her friend with such great admiration and love.

“Of course. Promise to keep my memories?” Isabella asked.

“I will. Let’s get on with the meeting,” Cassandra took her friend’s arm as they walked towards the table, and the beings who waited for them.


            Phoebe sits in the passenger’s seat holding onto the box of desserts that they plan to enjoy after dinner. She looks at the beautiful trees as they drive by them. She finds them soothing as they sway in the wind.

She looks at her father driving with one hand on the wheel and the other adjusting the volume on the music.

“Hey kiddo, how did your day go again?” he asks.

“Dad, you’ve asked me that already,” she says.

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry. Dad’s mind has been everywhere today,” he says.

Phoebe cocks her head, looks at him intently with her partial smile. Her eyes, on the other hand, express something different.

What are you up to, Mene? What exactly were your intentions in this life?

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