Samsara: Chapter 6 – Phoebe’s Memories

Chapter 6 Phoebe Phoebe looks forward to her ballet class. She looks forward to learning new shapes and lines when she’s in class, and she becomes amazed at herself whenever she picks up new movements. Before getting to ballet class, she looks forward to seeing her Mom pick her up from school. She gets anxious … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 6 – Phoebe’s Memories

Samsara: Chapter 5 – Amelie and Julian

Amelie Present Time Amelie prepares her coffee as she does every morning.  She uses an Italian espresso maker on the stovetop and runs her to do list for the day.  She realizes each morning that she has become a creature of habit filled with to do lists.  The list goes on: pick-up fresh vegetables from … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 5 – Amelie and Julian

Samsara: Chapter 4 -Hope in a Story

February 11, 1862 London Hope Hope listened in wonder to the world outside. Her mind still filled with the last remnants of her past.  She wondered where this new profound endeavor will take her.  Her preference was to listen in on the happenings in the flat.  The daily occurrences consisted of complete silence, broken only … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 4 -Hope in a Story

Samsara: Chapter 1 – Amelie “In the Present of Time”

CHAPTER 1         He invaded the sequence of my dream uninvited. He appeared in a window frame. I approached him without hesitation and I knew without being told that we only had seconds. I did not know who he was, but my soul knew him. His face, this time, was not truly his. … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 1 – Amelie “In the Present of Time”

An Introduction to “Samsara: A Trilogy”

This project has been years in the making, and without me even realizing that it is a project until I've compiled all the pieces that I have written and noticed that the stories had an underlying theme. "Samsara" --according to Wikipedia (which by the way if any of my academia colleagues were to learn I've … Continue reading An Introduction to “Samsara: A Trilogy”