The Great Aunt/Grandmother (excerpt from “A Reason For Being”): Lola Esther

Author's note: This is an excerpt from Chapter Three of "A Reason For Being" and this excerpt centers on my Great Aunt Esther (my grandmother's eldest sister). I remember when I first met Lola Esther (as how I called her), I was quite young.  After I met her that first time, all I saw of … Continue reading The Great Aunt/Grandmother (excerpt from “A Reason For Being”): Lola Esther

Jackie: My Storytexter

Jackie is my check and balance, and she is also my Storytexter. What I mean by this centers on the idea of memory, and how such memories are different for each person. When we were growing up, the stories my Grandmother told us evolved throughout time. In fact, they evolved each night when my grandmother told us these stories. Jackie reminded me that when my grandmother wanted to imply a moral code, she would embed such morality into her storytelling.

The Evolution of Oral Tradition

  There have been articles written throughout the years how the death of the oral tradition has been linked to the death of a cultural identity.  In Alaska, there have been movements to preserve many of the Alaskan native languages.  We have museums that archive and preserve recordings of our Alaskan elders--some have long ago … Continue reading The Evolution of Oral Tradition

In the end.. (excerpt from “A Reason For Being”)

  A note of remembrance: the last section of the memoir ends with me sitting in the boarding area eerily by myself. I have never returned to Kennewick, Washington after we buried my Aunt. I believe it's because the memories there are meant to be encapsulated within that time, and visiting would create a disruption. … Continue reading In the end.. (excerpt from “A Reason For Being”)

“Mom” (excerpt from ARFB)

Note: My mother is speckled everywhere in "A Reason For Being" that to include just one excerpt would do her an injustice. Therefore, to capture the very force of nature that is my mom, I've decided to include little snippets.  From Chapter 2: The Three Sisters (aka The Three Marias) Mom’s (Penny) Arrival The knock … Continue reading “Mom” (excerpt from ARFB)

Vicky (an excerpt from “A Reason For Being”)

A note: I will be defending my thesis for my MFA this week. The thesis is a memoir titled "A Reason For Being" and it is about the four days that I spent in Kennewick, Washington to attend the funeral of one of my aunts who passed away from cancer. I was tasked to give … Continue reading Vicky (an excerpt from “A Reason For Being”)