So Long and Farewell To A Chapter.

There's a part of me who does not want to bid farewell to this person. She was the person who had a wall calendar that included dates and times of soccer and football practices (because at one point, she had to be both a soccer and football mom--not to mention soccer sister to her brother). … Continue reading So Long and Farewell To A Chapter.

Fleeting Moments.

  I've heard people say that “life is filled with many fleeting moments.” I’ve never believed this to be true. Until evidence of such things began presenting themselves in such away that it can take one's breath away forcing some sort of internal reflection. Where did time go? When did that happen? They were only … Continue reading Fleeting Moments.

The Work Of You Now.

  As a writer, I always find a theme in everything--this notion of an underlying similarity shaped by so many unexplained elements. This week, I realized that I've spent a great deal of time with dear friends. Saturday night was dinner with a set of close friends. Sunday was brunch with my co-worker/friend. Tuesday night … Continue reading The Work Of You Now.

When It Is Much More Than Just “Ugly Delicious”

  I spent one weekend binge watching Chef David Chang of Momofuku and food writer Peter Meehan's Netflix documentary "Ugly Delicious," and I am not ashamed. I once binge watched an entire series of Netflix's "Chef Table" and was so inspired by the many stories--and the photos of food porn--behind what makes a chef so passionate … Continue reading When It Is Much More Than Just “Ugly Delicious”