Samsara: Chapter 12 (excerpt)- Phoebe

  Phoebe looks up to see her dad pull up in the parking area. She runs excitedly from the building where she spends her days after school learning ballet.  Eli promised her that they would stop at Gertie’s pastry shop to select the dessert they plan to have after dinner. Phoebe’s earthly love for her … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 12 (excerpt)- Phoebe

Samsara: Chapter 11 – Eli (Continued)

CHAPTER 11: Eli   The elevator door opens and Eli makes his way to the room designated for him to meet with Dr. Turner and his client, Oberton Lidley. As he gets nearer to the room, he realizes that Dr. Turner is waiting for him in the hall. “Oh good, Eli. You’re here,” she said. “Hello … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 11 – Eli (Continued)

On Celebration of a Marriage

On May 16th, I celebrated 21 years of marriage.  While many may think that 21 years is a long time, in my opinion--it is not--when compared to those who've been married for over 50 years.  Those couples deserve a lifetime achievement award along with a never ending supply of chocolate cake and the most delectable … Continue reading On Celebration of a Marriage

A Letter To My Daughter On Her First Rally Demonstration.

  Dear Chloe, Before you were born, I was going through a metamorphosis with my identity. My life was centered on roles of being the maternal provider for our family. I became the wife, the mom, the dinner provider, the cheerleader for your Dad and older brothers. But, that began to change. I still kept … Continue reading A Letter To My Daughter On Her First Rally Demonstration.