To pity or not.

  I treated myself to a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. Guilty as charged.  But, I must say that watching the HP movies (aside from reading the books a million times over) under the current social climate---brings forth a new revelation. One would sincerely believe that J.K. Rowling is a modernized oracle who was able … Continue reading To pity or not.

The Way to Dream..

  The first elementary school I attended in the U.S. was Emerson Elementary School located in Oakland, California. My dad was stationed at Oakland Army Base for three years, and my family flew in from Cavite City, Philippines. Before Emerson elementary, I went to a regular public school, and before that a Catholic private school … Continue reading The Way to Dream..

Family is Beauty. Beauty is Ohana

Full confession here: I didn't want to leave the comfort of my family holiday traditions. The tradition composes of Christmas and New Year's to be celebrated quietly at home. The kids and I would spend our days lazily on the couch enjoying a marathon of Harry Potter movies, as well as, the Lord of the … Continue reading Family is Beauty. Beauty is Ohana

The Year The Aurora Met The Sun: Chapter 2

    The Midnight Sun in June:  Brunch, and Dinner Collide Brunch In the middle of the birch wood trees and beneath the glorious summer sun stood Joe as he looked at his youngest sister. He smiled. Gwyn stood still and wanted to freeze the moment before her. Her older brother had changed. When she … Continue reading The Year The Aurora Met The Sun: Chapter 2