Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

Merry When I gift wrap the presents that are placed under the tree—my playlist is actually all hip-hop and rap songs.  One year, right before Christmas, I ordered a red sweatshirt that had “Gangsta Wrapper” written on it.  My family thinks I’m listening to Christmas music, when in fact, I have my earphones on and … Continue reading Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

Ma Vie En Rose: Alas, A Struggle Is Over.

  The struggle began many midnight suns ago. One summer, my best friend "Michelle," nicknamed after the movie "Romy and Michelle," pulled up in her SUV in our driveway unexpected. She does this every she surprises me with something. "What in the hell?" I asked her as she was pulling a massive thing out of her … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Alas, A Struggle Is Over.

Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)

  While we dined out two nights in a row with the niece and nephew, Kylena and Ethan—when it comes to the BFF (who I’ve dubbed the Romy to my Michelle), we prefer to just be downright at home and eating what I concoct in the kitchen. It's because we don’t have to be bogged down … Continue reading Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)