Ma Vie En Rose: To Bake In The Time Of Now

Behold, I baked a few breads. Bread and I are frenemies. My first attempt at bread years ago turned into a devastating situation. He was a pathetic little soul that came out of the oven better suited as border rock in a garden. The second attempt wasn’t any better, and he too, met the qualifications of a door stopper. I told myself there’s no point in attempting to accomplish this task when clearly I had no business trying. Plus, it’s carbs with a tendency to squatter on parts of the bodies for years claiming real estate for life. 

Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind

Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind There is a sense of acknowledgement when one realizes that outside of their current home state (my Alaska) that there is room to add one more (that’s you, Colorado). What I’ve acknowledged is that oftentimes such home states have never been my choosing really. For example, I … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind