Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

Merry When I gift wrap the presents that are placed under the tree—my playlist is actually all hip-hop and rap songs.  One year, right before Christmas, I ordered a red sweatshirt that had “Gangsta Wrapper” written on it.  My family thinks I’m listening to Christmas music, when in fact, I have my earphones on and … Continue reading Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind

Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind There is a sense of acknowledgement when one realizes that outside of their current home state (my Alaska) that there is room to add one more (that’s you, Colorado). What I’ve acknowledged is that oftentimes such home states have never been my choosing really. For example, I … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Colorado State of Mind