Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

Merry When I gift wrap the presents that are placed under the tree—my playlist is actually all hip-hop and rap songs.  One year, right before Christmas, I ordered a red sweatshirt that had “Gangsta Wrapper” written on it.  My family thinks I’m listening to Christmas music, when in fact, I have my earphones on and … Continue reading Merry, Bright, Anew, Proposal.

When It Is Much More Than Just “Ugly Delicious”

  I spent one weekend binge watching Chef David Chang of Momofuku and food writer Peter Meehan's Netflix documentary "Ugly Delicious," and I am not ashamed. I once binge watched an entire series of Netflix's "Chef Table" and was so inspired by the many stories--and the photos of food porn--behind what makes a chef so passionate … Continue reading When It Is Much More Than Just “Ugly Delicious”