The Nobodies, The Nothings, and The No Ones.

I was born in a small town outside of Manila City, Philippines. The first few years of my life was spent in a town called Cavite. The residents of this town all knew each other, and they knew each of the family’s history. The house I grew up in belonged to my paternal grandparents. When … Continue reading The Nobodies, The Nothings, and The No Ones.

Samsara: Chapter 13 – The Meeting (excerpt)

Samsara Chapter 13: The Meeting            She made the cognizant decision that in the time they will re-enter that she will call herself “Phoebe.” This was her plan—no matter what the circumstances may bring, and no matter what she decides her mission will be. Phoebe sat in the massive balcony overlooking … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 13 – The Meeting (excerpt)

Samsara: Chapter 12 (excerpt)- Phoebe

  Phoebe looks up to see her dad pull up in the parking area. She runs excitedly from the building where she spends her days after school learning ballet.  Eli promised her that they would stop at Gertie’s pastry shop to select the dessert they plan to have after dinner. Phoebe’s earthly love for her … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 12 (excerpt)- Phoebe

Samsara: Chapter 11 – Eli (Continued)

CHAPTER 11: Eli   The elevator door opens and Eli makes his way to the room designated for him to meet with Dr. Turner and his client, Oberton Lidley. As he gets nearer to the room, he realizes that Dr. Turner is waiting for him in the hall. “Oh good, Eli. You’re here,” she said. “Hello … Continue reading Samsara: Chapter 11 – Eli (Continued)