Explore Fairbanks, Alaska.

Explore Fairbanks: The Farmer’s Market. Visit: https://www.explorefairbanks.com/blog/post/fairbanks-farmers-markets/


I’m not an expert on anything.  Maybe it’s dumb luck or maybe I have an invisible neon 80’s like sign floating on the top of my head that says: Tell Me Your Story.

In truth, I used to have a job where I had to always turn on this thing called the “extrovert” button. This button needed to be on for times where I was required to network, to direct/coordinate events where I remember every person’s name, and recall the last time we interacted. I remember the one big event that I had to oversee its planning–the event was in honor lifelong Alaskan, and the first female Attorney General of Alaska: the late honorable Grace Schaible. Mrs. Schaible, or Grace as I called her, was being honored with the University of Alaska President’s Medal of Excellence Award. The UA President at the time was Mark Hamilton–and it was the last award that he bestowed during his leadership at the University of Alaska.

I made sure I did not screw anything up.

The who’s who of Alaska attended, and I remembered every single one of their names that evening. Most of all, the single most significant memory that I have of that evening was pinning Grace’s corsage made up of some beautiful flowers (including forget-me-nots), and as I was trying to make sure not to accidentally stab her, she says to me:

“Jen, this is really nice. All this for such an old lady.”

“Of course. It’s your night, Grace,” I said.

“Thank you, Jen. And, thank you for making sure the Governor did not receive an invite,” she winked at me.

“Errr…uhm, you’re welcome, Grace,” was all the reply I can muster. Grace patted my arm and off she went greeting the crowd who was waiting for her arrival.

I’m going to let you figure out who the Governor was at the time.

Here’s the thing, I envied those who have the natural talent of charisma, and confidence. Grace, as her namesake, was the epitome of charisma, and confidence. My children ooze with all of this–they take after their Dad.

I, on the other hand, a closet introvert would face plant on the bed each time I got home from a day of socializing.  The face plant on the bed was the way I turned off that extrovert button. After the success of the Schaible event, I face planted hard on the bed. I thanked the Goddess of Logistical Events that she guided me that evening, and ensured that even though my heels were killing me, I found the way to smile and engage all through the night.

So back to my point–when Karen from Explore Fairbanks contacted me to see if I’d be interested in guest blogging for Explore Fairbanks–I did not hesitate to say “yes!” The assignment was something I already know and have sang its praises for years: visiting the farmers market. I did not mind asking questions or engaging with the people that I featured on my list and in the “Let’s Go To The Market” blog.

Most of all, after I gathered all of my stories and wrote for 7-hours straight—I didn’t face plant on the bed. Instead, I reflected on how amazing the day turned out.

That has to mean something, right?

Explore Fairbanks is non-profit organization who provides our visitors (and locals too!) tons of information about all things Fairbanks. They feature activities that’s happening locally, local businesses, events, places to stay–you name it, they are featuring it. Heck, I’ve lived in Fairbanks for two decades now, and I look to Explore Fairbanks to find out information on what’s happening in town!

With that in mind, if you’re ever in Fairbanks–I did a bit of research for you on what to do on a Saturday:

Explore Fairbanks “Let’s Go To The Market: A Saturday of Alaska Grown”


Caption! Explore Fairbanks. Visit: https://www.explorefairbanks.com/blog/post/fairbanks-farmers-markets/

Sneak peek of the peonies. Visit: https://www.explorefairbanks.com/blog/post/fairbanks-farmers-markets/

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