Fleeting Moments.

  I've heard people say that “life is filled with many fleeting moments.” I’ve never believed this to be true. Until evidence of such things began presenting themselves in such away that it can take one's breath away forcing some sort of internal reflection. Where did time go? When did that happen? They were only … Continue reading Fleeting Moments.

Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)

  While we dined out two nights in a row with the niece and nephew, Kylena and Ethan—when it comes to the BFF (who I’ve dubbed the Romy to my Michelle), we prefer to just be downright at home and eating what I concoct in the kitchen. It's because we don’t have to be bogged down … Continue reading Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)

Ma Vie En Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 1)

  One of the many things that summer in Fairbanks brings are family and friends who return to this small city that seems to blossom with its endless summer days (literally, right?). There were summers when my boys would come home from college, and commit to days of working at a summer job, and nights … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 1)

Ma Vie En Rose: Louisville, Kentucky

  There’s a first time for everything. I’ve never been to Kentucky. The husband has mentioned that we should take a trip one day to the state where he spent the majority of his childhood. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t put Kentucky on the top of my list—unless it was to visit my sister … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Louisville, Kentucky

The Work Of You Now.

  As a writer, I always find a theme in everything--this notion of an underlying similarity shaped by so many unexplained elements. This week, I realized that I've spent a great deal of time with dear friends. Saturday night was dinner with a set of close friends. Sunday was brunch with my co-worker/friend. Tuesday night … Continue reading The Work Of You Now.