I am convinced that in one of my past lives, I must have met Rumi. How else can I explain the magnitude of love that I feel whenever I read his poetry. What other reasons can I find to express the sadness that resonates between the endless lines of beauty that are Rumi's poems? … Continue reading Rumi.

The Work Of You Now.

  As a writer, I always find a theme in everything--this notion of an underlying similarity shaped by so many unexplained elements. This week, I realized that I've spent a great deal of time with dear friends. Saturday night was dinner with a set of close friends. Sunday was brunch with my co-worker/friend. Tuesday night … Continue reading The Work Of You Now.

Ma Vie En Rose: The Art of Deb Horner

  Let me be clear Deb Horner is who I think of whenever someone talks about how they transplanted themselves in the state of Alaska. There are many of us who moved up to Alaska and made our homestead here. It doesn't define who we are--rather who we evolved into. I met Deb years ago when … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: The Art of Deb Horner