Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)

  While we dined out two nights in a row with the niece and nephew, Kylena and Ethan—when it comes to the BFF (who I’ve dubbed the Romy to my Michelle), we prefer to just be downright at home and eating what I concoct in the kitchen. It's because we don’t have to be bogged down … Continue reading Ma Vie en Rose: Fairbanks Visitors (Part 2)


  I am convinced that in one of my past lives, I must have met Rumi. How else can I explain the magnitude of love that I feel whenever I read his poetry. What other reasons can I find to express the sadness that resonates between the endless lines of beauty that are Rumi's poems? … Continue reading Rumi.

The Work Of You Now.

  As a writer, I always find a theme in everything--this notion of an underlying similarity shaped by so many unexplained elements. This week, I realized that I've spent a great deal of time with dear friends. Saturday night was dinner with a set of close friends. Sunday was brunch with my co-worker/friend. Tuesday night … Continue reading The Work Of You Now.

Ma Vie En Rose: This Bowl…

  I am not an expert on gardening. I am merely a student. I still have a tendency to inadvertently kill things that grow---if there was a crime for murdering succulents--I'd be in prison with no chance of parole. More on the gardening herstory later on... I woke up on this beautiful Saturday morning with … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: This Bowl…

Ma Vie En Rose: Summer Gems in Fairbanks, Alaska

Anyone who has been a resident of this small city will tell you that when summer time rolls around, we appreciate every sunny second. For every rain drop that may occur on any given day, we are thankful that it isn’t snow. For every 90+ sweltering heat kind of day that will last 24 hours, … Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose: Summer Gems in Fairbanks, Alaska