A long road ahead..

Alaska Winter. Photograph by Marney Photography (http://marneyphotography.wixsite.com/mysite)

On a Saturday morning, I reflect on a revelation that we are all on a journey on this earth, and the roads we’ve taken (very Frost here–the poet, and the road) may not have been the ones we planned.  Along the way, we suffer, we love, and we feel such great depths of sadness that we sometimes feel not getting up in the morning.

But, here’s to those who wake up every morning and tackle on the road they’ve chosen.

May we find bits of ourselves along the way.


Photograph by Rachel Marney of Marney Photography. A Fairbanks photographer whose breathtaking work composes of Alaskan beauty. More info on Marney Photography at https://www.facebook.com/marneyphotography/

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