A Letter On The Eve Of The 44th year

STRIPPED. Cara Alwill Leyba

A Letter On The Eve Of The 44th year

My Dearest,

I know that you would love to spend the day in bed wallowing in the simple truth that your 44th year is the last year of your early 40s. You are wondering how time is such an asshole for being a realistic and practical thief, and how did October 30, 2017 get here so soon.

While you are thinking about sulking, let me remind you what you have witnessed in all your decades:

The “Just Say No” movement.

The Madonna movement.

George Michael.


Permed hair.

Mom jeans (you didn’t wear them, the mothers of the 80s did).

Straight hair with bangs.

The Organic Eating movement.



J.K Rowling

Alannis Morrisette.

Boy bands.



Games of Thrones.

The list can go on. As a member of the Generation X, you’ve witnessed wars and devastation. You can recall to memory every detail of the day that 9/11 happened, and years later when you taught your first college level English class, you remembered that the majority of your students only knew of a life after that horrific day. They did not know a world before the word “terrorism” became part of the daily vocabulary.

Let me let you wallow in that a bit.

Now, snap out of it, and think about this..

There is still more to accomplish.

You witnessed a woman run for President of the United States, and yes, she lost. Yes, you cried that morning as you sat on the toilet and your husband watched you as he thought that you must have lost your damn mind. But, you also understood your maturity when you decided to dry those tears and respect all different political perspectives, and love them just the same. That right there, my dear, is an accomplishment for someone who once wore a “I will never vote for a Son of Bush” t-shirt on campus. You even have a part of your heart where you find Dubya as an endearing person.

You watched as millions of women marched all over the world, and although you couldn’t participate because you had to be in the office that day, you did your own marching in the foyer as you watched the news coverage of such an inspiring movement.

But enough about your social beliefs and politics.

Let’s get to your truth.

I want to remind you that to look back with fondness is a gift given only to those that have walked this earth for many years. You are reminded of the happiness, the sadness, the love, the loss, and most of all, an awakening of who you were, and who you have become.

For your peace of mind–here’s a poem by Cara Alwill Leyba:

A Woman’s Truth

Do you thing,

Do it without fear

Or apology.

Infuse your essence

into everything.

No one can deny

the unvarnished truth

of a woman.

      I would love more than anything to allow you a moment of complete wallowing and sulking. But, I fear for the sake of your evolution, I must tell you to get off your soon to be 44-year old ass, and face this upcoming year.

Face it with love, respect, kindness, and above all else loyalty to the woman you worked so fucking hard to understand, and to become.

March on,

Your 43-year old self.

October 29, 2017

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