Ma Vie En Rose: My New Chocolate Cake BFF

Cherry Bombe Chocolate Cake in a pan. Final product. Photo by JAH.


Folks, I have tried every chocolate cake recipe out there. The fancy ones, the Martha Stewart ones, Nigella Lawson‘s old fashion chocolate cake with the violet flowers. Some of them required minimal ingredients, while others had a laundry list of items. They always turned out great–but, truly not worthy of praise.

Until… I picked up my copy of the Cherry Bombe cookbook, and found the Easiest, Craziest Chocolate cake ever–because it’s just that–ridiculously easy.

It took the limited amount of ingredients (9 for the batter, and 6 for the frosting). I mixed the batter ingredients in the cake pan:

Batter pre-the wet ingredients. Photo by JAH.


Then the recipe called for making wells in the dry ingredients for the liquids:

Into the wells the vanilla extract, vinegar, and oil goes. Photo by JAH.


The trick to making those perfect wells consisted of pressing the bottom of the 1/4 measuring cup–by doing so creates these perfect, circular wells.

Wet batter required some mixing until all lumps were gone. Photo by JAH.


The baking time ranged between 35-45 minutes. I found that I kept checking with the toothpick towards the end of the bake time. And, as it baked, I made sure to start on the icing, which consisted of room temperature cream cheese, powdered sugar, almond extract, and a drop of red food coloring.

Of course, the cake had to cool for a bit.

Dimpled, and cooling. Photo by JAH.


When the lusciousness finally cooled, and the frosting was set to go, I simply had to frost the cake–making sure every bit was covered in that pink almond decadent frosting.

The cake was not only amazing, but it was perfection in every which way you can think that chocolate cake is supposed to be perfect.

I now found a new BFF.

Welcome to my world, dear friend.

Sliced. Photo by JAH.


Jesse Sheehan Bakes posted the recipe on her blog:

Easiest Craziest Chocolate Cake

If you ever decide to test this out–I wish you the greatest of luck….in holding yourself back from eating the entire pan.


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