Ma Vie En Rose: This Bowl…

First of many of the harvest. Berry mint, peppermint, sugar snap peas, first beet, arugula, chives, and cilantro. Photo by JAH. July 2018.


I am not an expert on gardening. I am merely a student. I still have a tendency to inadvertently kill things that grow—if there was a crime for murdering succulents–I’d be in prison with no chance of parole.

More on the gardening herstory later on…

I woke up on this beautiful Saturday morning with an itinerary filled with my usual routine, but I decided to take a chill pill and do a few things that I’ve ignored. For example, projects such as novel #1 and novel #2. I’ve heard that aspiring authors have this issue every now and then. Apparently it’s called procrastinatoritis.

Back to the chill pill.

I went downstairs and found the husband already up sitting on the couch and watching golf. He told me he’s been up since 5 a.m. I looked at the kitchen, and then looked back at him intently watching Tiger–and wondered: where the fack is breakfast?

So, I went to the kitchen and looked in the pantry. I found a bag of Hawaiian bread rolls, and thought “Oh I can make fried egg sandwiches!”

“Check to make sure that doesn’t have mold,” the handsome sloth on the couch said.

“When did you pick this up?” I asked.

“I think.. uh. Sunday, maybe? When you made collard greens?” he said. Here’s the thing about the husband, he can grocery shop like no other. He is my main go-to for attention to details. The man will take his time to make sure anything he makes is perfect. Whenever a recipe calls for precision, and no room for flexibility or creativity–I delegate that to him and it always comes out perfect.

I, on the other hand, is a creative a hot mess and proud of it–stick me in a kitchen and tell me that I only have rice, vinegar, soy sauce, and I will make you a meal (many Filipinos will get this joke *wink*).

“So, do you think this bread is still good?” I asked.

“Uh, I’d check for mold,” the athletic good looking koala responded.

The bread went in the trash.

I decided to grab my garden scissors, a bowl, and my garden boots. The dog, my loyal and devoted fan went right along with me.

And, there I found breakfast.

I am a fan of breakfast bowls, and even more so when one must scour the pantry and fridge to create one. The one I created this morning is the most that I am proud of. It’s all-star feature greens are all from my garden, eggs are locally grown, local honey from a good friend, and Hempler’s bacon purchased at my most favorite Fairbanks Co-op Market (I have endless love for these guys). The only other two ingredients that I purchased from a grocery store is the Everything But The Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s (picked up when I was in Denver last month), and *gasp* Quaker Oats grits (don’t hate–we’ve all been there).

Ok, so fine, I couldn’t find the all organic hand picked and milled hominy. I mean, I didn’t have a local farmer with his own farm of hasa marisa up in Fairbanks on my iPhone favorites’ list. Therefore, for this creative concoction, it’s the Echo Muse pantry galleria for the corn grits.

And, here it is–created out of hot mess and madness.

FYI: Only the Primadonna, and the Charlie will eat this healthy concoction.

Also, the very gorgeous opossum had Cascade Organic Cereal for breakfast.


Hot Mess Breakfast Bowl. Photo by JAH. July 2018.


Another shot. Hot Mess Breakfast Bowl. Photo by JAH. July 2018.


Locally raised eggs cooking in a Ghee bath. Hot Mess Breakfast Bowl. Photo by JAH. July 2018.


Hot Mess Breakfast Bowl:

1 packet of Corn Grits (Soo 80s, I know, but it worked) cook according to package (1/2 a cup of boiling water to 1/4 of grits)

2 strips Hempler’s bacon (cooked in the oven until crisp)

2 organic eggs (locally grown, if possible)

2 tablespoons of Ghee

Arugula (organic, 2-3 leaves, chiffonade—fancy)

Mint (2-3 leaves also chiffonade)

Fresh overgrown snap peas (folks, there were 2-3 that I neglected and they grew, so I took the peas in the pod)

Fresh chives: snip them with kitchen scissors (the way you used to when you cut your own bangs)

Honey: 2 tablespoons (again locally grown. I was given three huge jars of honey from a good friend. Find one and love her so that she’ll give you local honey).

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

  1. Pop the bacon in the oven at 400 degrees. Cook them until nice and crisp or your preference.
  2. Prep the fresh greens: chiffonade the arugula, and the mint. Set aside.
  3. Fresh uncooked peas: Shell them. I neglected these and the peas inside the sugar snap peas were pretty big. Set these aside.
  4. Start on the eggs however you like. Place the ghee on the frying pan, and when ready crack them eggs. I cook mine over easy—with the yolk still runny with its gorgeousness.
  5. Prepare the grits according to the instructions, and once it’s soaking in the hot water, dunk the honey and stir until the honey melts into all that.
  6. Assemble that goodness by layering. Using the grits as your base, place the greens on top the grits. Then place the eggs on top of the greens. Plop those overgrown peas on top. Place the bacon on the side of the bowl. Snip the chives over the layers. And finally, sprinkle some of the EBTB seasoning on top the way Tinkerbell sprinkle fairy dust over those un-showered lost boys.


The overall flavors that I observed with this concoction is that the peppery arugula, and the berry mint adds the savory to the sweetness of the honey in the grits. Them peas? They added their little texture to this morning’s bowl party. And finally, the bacon adds a smokiness that completes the overall dish.

Do I sound like a professional food critic? Hell naww.

Here’s my point in all of this–should there ever be an end of the world, I feel that perhaps I can rely on my so-called growing things skills. (Perhaps).

I also believe that should the writing and author thing never manifest in this life–I, at least have two devoted fans who’ll eat whatever hot mess I create.


The Primadonna still in her Saturday morning pj’s, who strategically eats the greens last (she gets this from her gorgeous father–I lie, her father only eats meat). Photo by JAH. July 2018.


The Charlie. Perhaps my devoted fan and who is always willing to eat whatever I make with enthusiasm. Photo by JAH. July 2018.


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