To Be Inspired…

Free Library Stand. Anchorage, Alaska. February 26, 2017. JAH

On a weekend getaway to Anchorage, I came across this beauty after breakfast.

I asked myself “how come I have never seen anything like this before?” and “Why don’t we have many more of these at street corners?”

You know when you are stunned by such brilliance that you start to make up all these stories behind it? I started speculating that someone felt such profound passion to share the beauty of literature that they decided to create this little free library around every street corner.  The idea grew and people started to share their love for books and the stories that it contained that they too began to leave their favorites for others to love.

What if a love story begins to grow out of this idea? Imagine for one second, an introvert whose love for stories and books were far greater than a love for another human being, and then through leaving such favorites in this little bookhouse, this introvert discovers another person who is similar? Too cliche? Too romantic?

The possibilities for stories are endless.

In this bookhouse, a stranger’s love for books nurtures those other souls’ capacity for love.

To be inspired… is to share the love, right?


P. S.

I speculate the stories first, and then I do the research. Please visit: to learn more about Little Free Library

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