On the Road… again.


Alaska. Road to Anchorage. Photo by JAH.

We’ve driven the highway from Fairbanks to Anchorage numerous times throughout the years.  The trips were often for soccer games, football games, wrestling tournaments, etc.

The drive has become a ritual. But, as the years continue on, and the boys have grown and moved to college, we drive to Anchorage for some down time with our ballerina (the last child left at home).

This is strange to say since my husband and I are still quite young.

The beauty of the snow capped mountains often compete with the beauty of spending that quiet 6-hour drive. But, I’ve learned throughout the years that there’s always room for the appreciation of beauty.

Moon. Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by JAH
Sunrise peaking. Alaska. Photo by JAH. 3.16.2017

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