Road Side View Part 2
Road Side View. Homeward Bound. Alaska. Photo by JAH.


Somewhere begins nowhere. It is nowhere that we find ourselves asking where to go next? Where to go from here? Our lives depend on where we are at the exact moment in time and it is where we define ourselves.

My nowhere is here. At a pinnacle in my life that I find often occurs on the brink of making a decision of what to do and where to go. It is marked by a significant life altering moment and at that time with no idea of its purpose. This realization is a brutal force felt at the back of my head forcing me to watch as everything I once knew disappears. In its place, there are two windows covered in muddy grime that will require much more work than a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towel. It isn’t the scenery that matters behind these windows once the grime has been sloughed off. Instead the thoughts that go through my mind determine what I want to see behind it which ultimately makes the choice that I am willing to make.

“Jump or be pushed.”

The force that pushes shows no mercy. Every strategic plan laid out with precise methodology is diminished within a sigh. This is not what you are supposed to be doing, I tell myself. Make the decision and live with the outcome of your choices, I tell myself.

“You have a unique destiny and every day that path is being revealed to you in new ways. No one can steal your destiny.”

I jump. A blind leap of faith. Freedom enters my mind and worthless thoughts exits. Gone are the life strategies along with plans of precise methodologies.


I am left with me.

My somewhere begins here.


Quotes in Italics are from: The Source of Miracles by Kathleen McGowan.
(Written on September 19, 2010)
Road side View.
Road Side View. Mountains. Alaska. Photo by JAH.

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