Unknown Surfer. Photographer: Unknown.


The saying goes that “if you are not changing, you are dying.” I take it that this must means that a person must continue to strive for change–whether it is a physical change for the better, a philosophical perspective kind of change, a spiritual change–whatever it may be–it’s change, right?

There are those of us who may know people who are forever changing–and not in this big grandiose way, but in little subtleties that are barely recognizable, until one day we take a look at this person and become in awe at their metamorphosis. It could be that they said something quite profound, and while it took us completely in shock, to them it was a shrug of the shoulder and a quiet “meh.”

Because they’ve already evolved without us even recognizing such evolution.

Of course, with that in mind, there are also those among us that we recognize have failed in accomplishing such changes.  And, it can gradually happen–or it can bitch slap you like there’s no tomorrow.  The fact is that we all know of someone who refuses to change.

How does one live throughout the decades and have failed at the simple act of evolving? I ask myself this continuously. And, it’s true–people who refuse to evolve have their own prerogative.

But, oh, such cruelty to the self when one chooses to remain stagnant in their being–to never fully evolve in order to have better understanding of themselves, the people and the world around them!

Of course, such changes to the self—such awakening requires time and effort. But, if you can think back ten years ago and you cannot come up with at least two life altering changes you made to evolve–do you wonder why that is?

I found the photo of the lone surfer on my camera, and I have no idea who may have taken it. All I know is that whoever may have taken this photo, I was not present.

The lone surfer and whoever took the photo had similarities.  The surfer continued to ride those waves–regardless–and the act itself is repetitive. The person who took the photo, on the other hand, the act itself was also repetitive–because there were numerous photos that I knew I had not taken nor was I present to take them. Which tells me, that the repetitiveness meant the person who took all these photos did so without the owner of the camera alongside. Yes, me. I know what the hell right?

Getting back to the point, I believe that there are those who choose to remain just the way they are, never fully having the desire to understand themselves or the others around them. I give props to that and much respect.

But, I must say that to me there is nothing more cruel than to slowly die without evolving.

To never fully own up to faults and learn from them.

To never attempt to understand the self, and those around them.

To never set aside the self in order to have empathy for others.

To only serve the self, and never become selfless.

There’s a sad cruelty to a truth like this one.

And, to make my point about the mysterious photos in my camera…. here’s a sad truth, let me present to you the images that were taken without even the thought of the camera owner (yes, me) being there to also enjoy such views. Selfish bastard.

Asshole Photographer
Mystery Photos by Unknown Photographer.
Mystery Photos by Unknown Photographer.
Mystery Photos by Unknown Photographer.
Mystery Photos by Unknown Photographer.
Mystery Photos by Unknown Photographer.

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