Morning Drive

Alaska Morning. University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. 2018. Photo by JAH.


I appreciate a good morning. Most especially when the daily drive to work is greeted with a beautiful sky.

I took this photo yesterday (March 8th) soon after I dropped my daughter off to school, and I had the International Women’s Day on my mind.

There were some news yesterday morning about the travesty occurring in Rohingya. I was listening to a reporter who recounted an interview he had with a witness who watched a baby thrown into a house fire, and I thought how can such devastation even remotely occur? It has and it does happen, and our history continues to demonstrate that humankind makes the same mistakes in every decade, and generation.

Then I was reminded of a quote by the Dalai Lama, and he said:

The basic fact is that humanity survives through kindness, love, and compassion. That human beings can develop these qualities is their real blessing. 

There’s so much commotion and declaration of political beliefs and tribalism–that many are becoming blind to basic human acts of kindness, love, and compassion.

This morning sky proves to me that its rarity is similar to the hope that humanity will find its way back to being kind, loving, and compassionate.

Here’s to celebrating Women’s History Month this March–a celebration which acts as a reminder that there is still much work that needs to be done.



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